Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Quest for Electricity and PUPPIES

On Saturday the 19th, we first began a trip to our favorite hardware town, Limbe, to get a few things needed for continuing out maize mill construction.  It was a successful trip, and then we were back off to Kumponda to meet with the committee members and search for a welder!

When we got to the community, all was well, the sun was shining.  THEN CAME THE STORM. The epic storm during our journey to find a welder.  With the team and three committee members, we crammed in the car to find our welder, only to discover the electricity was all over, so the welders could do virtually nothing. This did not stop us with our quest for electricity!  Searching many welder shops, trudging through calf deep waters, and waddling with soaked chitenjes, we kept looking with hope for electricity.  The day was best described in the words of Matt, our faculty advisor, “There’s literally more water in my shoes than what is falling from the sky.” (That’s why you wear sandals, classic amateur move)

Right when we were about to give up and bring the committee members back we tried one last welder.  SOMEHOW. SOMEWAY.  A MIRACLE HAPPENED. And his name was Joseph Njiwa.  He somehow had electricity when everyone else didn’t AND was a welder right in the Kumponda community. 

We explained that we wanted our grinding plates to be cut out of a square sheet of metal, and Joseph learned quickly how to do it and did an amazing job! This was just the beginning of an awesome longterm partnership with Joseph (He’s number 1).

Not only did we get a lot of metal work accomplished at the welding shop, but Cate and I discovered PUPPIES.  It began with an “Oh no….” and a longing look from Cate in the distance and I immediately knew.  Joseph happened to have five bouncing 2 week old puppies living behind him. May or may not have cried in joyfulness.

In addition to puppies, we discovered maybe reptiles and insects, sometimes not on purpose.  There is a bright orange bug found around the community called the Christmas bug, as well as an extremely frightening flying beetle that resembles more a bird than an actual insect. Safe to say I like the lizards better :)

On Sunday, the community and city takes off, so we spent the day getting our thoughts together, journaling, reading, and eating some good ole pizza.  What a solid day.

Thank you for all your guys’ support throughout the whole process! We hope you are all having the best winter break!!!


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  1. Great tenacity team! We're rooting for your success. And don't let Cate bring one of the puppies home. ;)

    Thanks for the update. Keep them coming! Dave (Cate's dad).