Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Dream Is Expanding

The Dream Is Expanding

Today we visited a local primary and secondary school called Rose Garden Private School.  Rose, the director and owner, was kind enough to let us pop in for a couple hours even though many of the students were taking exams.  We were being guided around the school when we noticed Chris was no longer with us.  A quick look over our shoulders and we found Chris among a massive mob of children all running in our direction!

The students were so warm and welcoming with the most contagious smiles.  We played some games with them such as hot potato, London bridge, and red light, green light until the bell was rung, signaling that recess was over.  I gave all of them high fives but once one of them wanted a hug, they all wanted hugs making the goodbyes a little longer and a little sweeter.

We then went into the dining commons where we had the opportunity to sit down in front of a couple hundred of the older students to explain to them who we are and what we are doing in Malawi.

Their reactions to the idea of a bicycle-powered maize mill could not have been better.  They were so interested and inspired by what we were trying to accomplish.  It made us realize that this project would not only be making a difference in the daily lives of the Kumponda community, but all the other districts as well if they can replicate our project.  It also goes to show that this project would not be possible without their support. Word of the bicycle-powered maize mill is starting to spread as is the dream of an electricity-free mill!  Here are some pictures we took after the meeting!

The rest of the day was back to business as we continued looking for the supplies we will need over the next couple weeks for the construction of the maize mill.  Chris got extra attention at some of the shops as one local said he looked like Kenny G and another asked for his hand in marriage?  Wedding date to be decided…

We ended the night sketching up some drawings to use for tomorrow – the day construction begins!

Chris and I also made an impressive stack of brain food (peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches). 

Special shout out to the other Cal Poly EWB teams that are out there in the world in Thailand, Nicaragua, and India doing great things as well!  Shout out to our Malawi team and supporters back home for all you do for us!  We are reminded everyday that we have an awesome team and couldn’t do this without you.

Goodnight (or good morning) friends!




  1. CP EWB Milawi Team! So impressed and excited to see the connection you have made with the Kumponda community, leadership and guides. Your resourcefulness, drive and can-do effort will assure realization to implement a useful and sustainable solution benefited by many. Looking forward to your updates! Dave (Spencer's Dad)

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  3. Awesome update, Cate! Your group presentation to the community looks intimidating, but it sounds like you all pulled it off. Keep up the great work!!! Dave (Cate's dad)