Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Beginning of Malawi

There’s a lot to be said about being uncomfortable on an airplane for 5 hours.. then 13 hours.. and then 5 more.

Patience was key as we flew into the future - 10 hours into the future!

We had a good time, although very very sleepy.

We’ve been making many friends!

And we’re having fun.

A huge comfort of the 13 hour flight came in the form of a warm and wet paper towel at 4am to wipe our arms, hands, and faces. Also, each seat had a touch screen on the back of the plane seats to play games, watch movies, and listen to music. Chris quickly found out the Sudoku game timed you and had a top ten leaderboard; he felt a little bad for filling the entire board with his top scores.

We all met some very interesting people on the planes. One person we met was returning to Ethiopia after being in the USA for 9 years starting a life of their own in a place they felt they could get an esteemed education and job. When we begin landing in Ethiopia, he came to tears, and exclaimed “I miss my mom so much.” It was a joy to connect with him.

Finally arrived in Malawi!

Taken from the trunk of our moving car.

So much to explore in Malawi!

Our hotel and its hallways!

Brick Structures!

Brick-making structures made of bricks!


Among many other unique Blantyre, Malawi features. 

The rainy season welcomes us every day around noon to 3pm.

Order of business, got some Kwatcha! One USD exchanges for 625 kwatcha - even more if you bargain on the streets!

The ever important grocery shopping :]
Who wants bananas?

I don’t know why anyone would give this name to a cookie.

It’s been truly amazing to meet Daniel Mwakemeka. He’s the leader of the organization we’re working with called Action for Environmental Sustainability. We’ve been spending most of our time with him - joking around, eating food, talking about the work we’ll be doing in the Kumponda community, and visiting different areas within the city of Blantyre.

Today, we played some basketball with Daniel! Spencer and Daniel were first to the court.

Blantyre is nothing like any city we’re used to – no big buildings, just hundreds of people either walking and carrying something like wood or fruit, or driving around in cars packed to the brim with people. Everyone is busy at work, laughing with friends, or both.

It’s such a pleasure to finally be in Malawi. Tomorrow morning begins our time in the Kumponda community. We’ve met so many warm and welcoming people. Although the education system functions on the English language, most people don’t speak any English, so we’ve been learning bits of Chichewan everywhere we go. We’re so excited to meet the Kumpondan community members tomorrow!

Shout out to the EWB Cal Poly India, Thailand, and Nicaragua teams! Much love! We hope everything’s going great for you all. Friends and family back at home, so much love as well! Thank you for your incredible support.

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  1. Awesome update! Great to see all the smiling faces. Stay well and do good!