Thursday, December 10, 2015

Departure LAX-->Washington DC

Howdy Team!

Here we are in LAX with our prego-packs, so stoked to be getting through security and onto this plane to get some good sleep. It has been a good drive and trip over from SLO. We left around 4, didn't hit too much traffic, and got driven to the airport by a first class service, shoutout to Jesse Bluestein's parents for letting us park on their street and for their willingness to take us to LAX. 
The team will be working hard throughout the trip to keep this blog as up to date as possible, but working even harder to find, fab, and finish our Maize Mill assembly for the loving community of Kumponda. Another shoutout to the other travel teams who are also doing great things this winter break, we wish you all the best of luck. A final shoutout goes to the Malawi team back here on the ground, as this would not be possible without all of your hard work, mentors and students alike. This is the first post of many; we will touch base again when we arrive in Blantyre! Keep on truckin'.


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