Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daniel's Cooking Bugs Me

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, except for the pan full of ngumbi bugs that Daniel was cooking up for Matt to eat. It turns out that if you lock Matt in a house for long enough he'll come to think that it's a good idea to start eating bugs. Who knew? Maybe by the end of this week we can convince him to fry up one of the lizards that are always running up our walls.

Ngumbi look similar to mayflies with longer wings and make a habit of flying into lights and then falling to the ground in a pile that is easy to collect in a glass of water. From there Daniel showed us how you simply take them from the glass of water and place them on a hot pan and let them cook for about 15 minutes. After that they are ready to be eaten, and if the one small one I tried was a good example, they have a slight barbecue flavor and are very crunchy.

Part of the reason for this exploitative eating was that the day after Christmas, the 26th,  was declared to be a national holiday... on the afternoon of the 25th. After waking up to the surprise that most all business were closed that day we found that we had another day of to spend reading. All of these lazy days meas that I finished the book A Dance With Dragons in just four days which I feel pretty proud about. Despite all the reading we found ourselves getting bored as the day wore on and decided to try and walk to Al Pacino's for lunch. After making the 15 minute walk up to the restaurant we found it was closed however. We would not give up hope for a lunch that was not top ramen however and stumbled upon the hole in the wall restaurant "The Zebra Pond" on the way back. When I say hole in the wall restaurant, I mean literally it was a hole in a wall. There was a wall, and the wall had a hole in it, and you would order food through the hole and the cooks would hand it out. By this time we were all so hungry

that we quickly ordered everything on the menu. Of course everything on the menu consisted of chicken samosas, fries, and Fanta. After the four of us ate our fill we handed the money for the meal through the hole. The total was about 5 dollars.

Later that evening, after eating the bugs, we decided to go out for dinner so we went to Casa Mia, a local restaurant. The prices were a little higher here, but it was worth it for the plate of chicken alfredo I  ordered and everyone else's dishes looked equally as appetizing.

As I'm writing this today we are hoping to go out and do some shopping downtown this afternoon and we might go to a game park tomorrow. That however will be a story for another day.

Muli bwanji,


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