Wednesday, December 18, 2013


After 48 hours of traveling from San Luis Obispo to Blantyre, we made it to our little house on the outskirts of the city with only a few bumps along the way. With the help of our NGO Daniel we arrived in Blantyre around 9pm, completely exhausted from the two day journey. After not eating or sleeping right for the past 48 hours, it was time for everyone to go to bed. Our fisrt official day in Malawi we spent getting supplies for cooking and meeting with Action for Environmental Sustainability to go over community procedures and tips for meeting with the Chief of Kumponda. Today was our second day in Malawi and we traveled to the Kumponda village within the Kumponda group village. As we stepped out of the car the Kumponda committee sang a song of welcome before our meeting. Showing us only kindness we spent the day walking through the community with the committee and learning about their villages. We also had our first experience with traditional Nsima and it was delicious! (We definitely made it wrong at our little Malawi dinner last year.)

Some fun facts from the trip:

We couldn't get ahold of Daniel at the airport and thought we were stranded.

We had six people in the car and drove by around three traffic police before they noticed.

Malawi time is worse than SLO time.

Everyone in Kumponda absolutely loves pictures and will run to any camera.

Theres neon orage colored bugs in the community they call Christmas because they only come out right before Christmas time.

Alice and I bought a two liter container of pasta sauce only to later find out it was ketchup.

Matt has won around two games of solitare out of the fifty he's played.

Munir is obsessed with shooting the moon in hearts.

And I am killing at nerts. (It's a card game)

And thats about all I have for now so thanks for reading and more stories to come!

All the best from the warm heart of Africa,


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